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Four friends who are DX nerds have been chasing DX for the past 40 years. Yes, they worked them all in the old fashioned way: by turning the knobs, listening for hours and days, patiently tuning the bands, constantly looking for that very special one. Decades before the internet, clusters, spotting network, remote receivers and mobile phones. Logging them with pen, keeping the paper logs. They've been sharing DX information with each other for decades, on air or at the club meetings, face to face.

With combined experience of almost 160 years, your newsletter editors know DXing inside out. Today, they are as passionate as they were on the day they worked their first VR6, 8Z4 or KZ5 and they're ready to share their passion with you.

If Dxing is your game, than rest assured: you are in a good hands. If you are new to the DX game and keen to work them all, then will be an invaluable tool.

There is no substitute for good old-fashioned DX news from a trustworthy source, delivered in a timely manner.

73 and CU on the air, Your Editorial team.

06/12/2017: DX News Bulletin Issue #7
29/11/2017: DX News Bulletin Issue #6
23/11/2017: DX News Bulletin Issue #5
15/11/2017: DX News Bulletin Issue #4
08/11/2017: DX News Bulletin Issue #3
01/11/2017: DX News Bulletin Issue #2
25/10/2017: DX News Bulletin Issue #1
18/10/2017: DX News Bulletin Issue #0

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